How to buy a Japanese knife

Japanese knives have long been a popular way to buy knives in the West.In fact, a Japanese company has been selling them for over 40 years, and the Japanese government has been cracking down on the illegal trade of Japanese knives in a bid to stem the growing threat of knife crime.One of the big


When to buy a knife

Updated January 12, 2018 07:08:38 The world’s most expensive knives are often not the best, but when it comes to a great knife, there are many choices to consider, said Dan Misen, chief executive of knife maker Merck & Co. in a call with investors on Thursday.The company’s Merck Sog Specialty Knife Group rose 4.5


When are knives legal to carry in Australia?

The New Zealand-based company, owned by US billionaire Richard Branson, has introduced a new knife with an automatic trigger.It comes with an orange grip, which comes standard with most knives, and a handle that can be raised or lowered to add a knife to a gun.The new blade has an ergonomic, curved blade, and comes


Spyderco KitchenAid 4K Knife review

The KitchenAid line of knives are the kind of knives that make me smile.They’re sturdy, they’ve got a bit of everything, and they have a lot of great design touches, like a unique grip for the knife and a knife-shaped handle.While I’m not one for traditional knives, I do appreciate the variety of knives and


How to fold a knife for $99

What if you wanted to fold the knife in half for $79?Well, that’s a little bit of what we’re going to show you today.And if you’re looking for a small pocket knife with a pocket clip and an extra edge, that’d be the Vampyr.It’s a small knife that folds in half, but it’s still the


The Giganotosaurus is still alive!

We can’t be sure, but the Giganoto-toothed Gigano-tootshed Gahanotosaurus isn’t dead.It was discovered in the 1980s by researchers working in the mountains of central Turkey and the surrounding area, where it lived for several centuries, before eventually being destroyed by an avalanche.Now, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison are trying to revive the creature with

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