The most common knives to be found in Australia’s dark wood

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Here are some of the most common types of knives that Australians use.

A black or dark wood knife with a large pointed blade.

Inspectors say there’s a high probability that knives with this style of blade will be stolen or stolen-for-sale.

An industrial knife that has a small, sharp point.

Large, long blades with a sharp point are common among thieves.

“The fact that these blades are usually attached to a large, sharpened blade, means that there is a high likelihood of someone who is skilled in the art of knife cutting using these blades,” an officer from the NSW Police Crime and Corruption Command told ABC News.

The knife in the photograph was found to have a small blade. 

“The black or darker wood knives have a point that’s about an inch long and the black or lighter wood knives are about a half inch long,” Inspector Mark D’Orazio said.

Detective Inspector Mark Gulliver, who runs the NSW police’s crime and theft division, said the black and lighter woods knives are often used to cut wood or cut wood with a screwdriver, a metal chisel or a large piece of wood.

He said thieves who use these types of blades can also use them to steal cash.

“There are very few people in Australia who can break into the bank with these knives, and most thieves will not know how to use them,” he said.

“The vast majority of criminals have no idea how to operate these knives.”

“But if someone is in the store and someone is using these black or light wood knives to cut some timber or a piece of a log, that could be very dangerous.”

An officer said thieves could also use the blades to steal goods like jewellery, watches, food and other items from a safe.

Police say the most commonly used knives are:The most common type of knife to be stolen in Australia is the black-and-light wood knife, with a point of about one inch long.

You can find out more about crime and public safety from the ABC’s Crime and Safety Program on ABC News 24 at 8:00pm on Monday, May 1, and 10:00am on Tuesday, May 2.

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