A knife from Winchester’s history that’s now a vintage icon


Wincamps’ Classic Series knives were a collection of unique designs, hand tools and designs.

The company’s first series of knives was introduced in 1892, with a total of 22 knives in production.

By 1893, it had become a worldwide company with over 60,000 employees.

The Wincamp Classic Series was made in a wide range of designs including the Model 19 and the Classic Series 20.

Wincamps also produced the Classic series, which included the Model 11, Model 13, Model 14, and the Model 15.

The Classic Series 15 was designed to be a “classic” style of knife.

The blades were made of the highest grade stainless steel, and were equipped with a black G-10 handle.

The knife’s design was inspired by the design of the first World War era German soldier, who had a distinctive look in his uniform.

Wincops’ Classic series was also known for its rugged quality, which allowed for a variety of uses.

The company manufactured a number of models of its knives for hunting and shooting.

The Classic Series 30 and Classic Series 40 were the most popular models.

The classic design was also popular with the military, who also used them for service.

A model of the Classic was also used by the United States Air Force during World War II.

The American soldier used the model in a famous photo of himself during the war.

The Wincop’s Classic Series 10 was the first knife made by Wincampe.

In 1912, Wincompe introduced the model of Wincams own, the Classic 10, a replica of the original model.

The knife was also called the Wincup 10, and featured a steel blade with a rosewood handle.

Waccamp’s Classic series became more popular than the other brands, and it was also the first to include a lockable sheath.

Waccamps Classic Series 6 and Classic series 8 were also popular in the late 1800s.

The first two models were available in a number or combinations of steel, chrome or other finishes.

The final model was made of stainless steel.

The design was based on the famous American soldier in the photo above, George Washington.


Wincamp was the company that started Wincos famous, and iconic, brand, Waco.

The iconic brand has remained in the hearts of many, with thousands of Waccamp knives being sold worldwide.

The famous Waco logo is found on the handle of Wacom tablets and other devices.

Wacom, or Wacome, was a manufacturer of pocketknives.

It was based in Louisville, Kentucky, and was based off of the Wacampe brand.

Wacoms iconic Waco knife, the Waco 10, is one of the most recognizable brands of pocket knives.

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