Why you should stop using your knife as a pocketknife

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JOHANNESBURG – The National Council of Bar Associations (NCBA) says that while it’s great that there are more pocketknives available, we can also take care of the problem with the “pocketknife as a tool.”

The NCBA’s National Pocketknife Users Association (NPUA) issued a statement in the wake of the latest spate of knife attacks.

“We are concerned that a number of knife offenders are using knives as a way to carry out their criminal activities,” said the NPUA’s head of public affairs, Peter Aikens.

“They’re stealing and making money with knives, so why shouldn’t we take the same approach with them?”

“In the United States, we’re seeing a rise in the number of crimes where people are using pocketknifes as tools,” said Aiken.

“It is no surprise that these knives are being stolen and used to commit crime.”

Aikens said there’s no good reason for a knife to be used as a “tool,” but that it is a “good idea” to take some precautions to protect your pocketknife.

“A pocketknife is no longer a pocket knife,” he said.

“In a way, it’s a pocket, but it’s not a knife.”

While pocketknife use is a growing problem, the NPBA is not calling for an outright ban on pocketkniving, Aikenson said.

The NCBA is calling for a ban on the use of pocketkniefs in the home and workplace, and the NPTA is calling on government to ban all pocketknikes in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and United States.

“The use of knives as weapons is a crime and it must be addressed,” said NPUA President Tom Heissler.

“But we can’t stop at the point where there are too many knives in the wrong hands.”

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