Recode is launching a new digital news service. Here’s what you need to know:

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Recode CEO Evan Sinofsky announced the launch of a new service,, at Recode’s Code Conference.

The Recode team is working on a new, digital news site that will launch this fall.

This is not a replacement for Recode, Sinofskys said, but rather an evolution of the site’s news platform and app.

The site will be called Recode and will be powered by the new code-based news platform.

This will allow for users to choose from a wide variety of topics to cover in their favorite format.

The content will be hosted in a mobile-friendly design and will also be hosted on the Recode API.

Sinofksy described this as a “mobile-first” news site.

Recode will be offering a range of different subscription tiers, from $1.99 for a weekly newsletter to $7.99 a year for a premium subscription to all-access to the full news library.

Users will be able to customize the experience of the service, Sinorisky said.

“As a business owner, it’s important that we have a choice, and we want to create a space where we can choose the kind of content that our users want,” Sinofski said.

Recodes full name, Recodes logo, and other branding will remain the same.

It will be completely separate from its traditional news site,

Recoding will also not be affiliated with any of the larger news companies, Sinorsky said.

The company has not been approached about a potential sale of the company, he said. 

What’s Recode?

Recode has been around for nearly a decade.

The news organization is one of the most popular news sites on the web.

Its digital news platform will allow users to browse, subscribe, and search for stories and stories from news organizations around the world.

Recoded is also home to a variety of popular podcasts and a host of video shows. 

Its audience spans the world and includes a variety the media.

It has been downloaded more than 30 million times and reached more than 4 billion users. 

Who’s behind the site?

Sinofsosky is the CEO of Recode Inc., which operates a variety, digital media companies, including Recode Magazine, Recoding, Recodables, and Recode Radio.

He also owns a publishing company called MediaStorm, which produces content for major publications including the New York Times, CNN, ABC News, Time, and The Associated Press.

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