New Zealand’s Balisong knife is a ‘real thing’

Kitchen Knife

A New Zealand company is selling a folding knife with a real world utility.

The Balisongs were a popular product in the early 1990s when they were popular among the New Zealand Army but quickly became the stuff of legend among the military.

They were designed to be lightweight, compact, and compact enough to be carried by soldiers.

They are used to cut through clothing and other materials, as well as to cut blades.

In 2016, the NZ Army asked a team of engineers to design a new folding knife, and they came up with a design that was both lighter and more powerful than what was on the market before.

The Balisung was born, and the team is now working on its next iteration.

“It’s a folding blade with a lot of utility in terms of cutting through fabric, and it’s also very powerful.

It can be very dangerous if you’re trying to cut something through,” said the company’s Chief Technology Officer, John Wainwright.

The new folding blade has an extended handle, which is used to secure the blade.

The blade is about 2.5 inches wide, and weighs about 4 ounces.

The company has already sold a handful of units, and Wainwrights hopes that the company will eventually offer a folding version of the Balisun, which can be used by troops for cutting or slicing materials.

The new version will have a larger blade.

The blade has a curved end, and a blade-like tip that is 1.5 to 1.7 inches long.

The tip is made from titanium, which Wainwyks says is not only stronger but also less prone to cracking and splitting.

The knife is about 10 millimeters wide, which works out to about 6 inches on the blade side.

It is also made from a titanium alloy, which means the blade is much lighter than other models.

The product has been tested by the military, but the team says it’s unlikely to see mass production until 2021.

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