A look back at Tom Oar’s knives

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Tom Oars, the creator of the Tom Oarl’s knife, is now a big name in the knife world, having founded and sold his own line of knives.

His knives have a classic design that has a very utilitarian feel, and it’s been an incredible journey to watch him grow and change as a knife designer.

In a new interview, Oars talks about the early stages of his career, how he got started, the legacy of his creations, and the future of his company.

What’s in your hand right now?

Tom: I have a bunch of knives that I’ve been collecting, but I really just got into them after I saw my wife, who’s a very knife person.

I love to make things and I really want to use them.

I started out as a designer and worked at the craft shops, and then I decided I wanted to be a maker, so I got a little bit more into that and started working with a couple of companies, and ended up with a lot of things.

I actually made my own knife.

When I started making knives, I was doing it at the shop in Liverpool, and I was getting the knives and then having them sent to me.

I’d put the parts in the mail and the mailman would pick it up and bring it back to me, and he’d cut it out, and that was it.

But then I was going to be making knives myself.

That’s how it started.

Then I bought a bunch more and then a couple more companies got into making knives.

I’m really glad that I was able to start it that way, because I had lots of experience with it.

I’m always in the studio with my daughter and she loves to play, and we have a few of them.

She’s going to the shop now and she’s been making knives for years.

When she was a kid she used to get her knives at the local craft shop and she would get a few knives at a time.

She’d be making her own and then we would have the big old-fashioned ones, and she’d make her own too.

She would make her knives, she would sew them up, she’d do all the cutting.

I was a bit of a DIYer too, so she had to be really good at sewing and cutting.

She had a few different knives, but she would make a couple, and if she had any problems, it would just come out, because it would all be too easy.

That was my love of knives, so when I started it, I had a lot.

I made a couple and then when I was about 13, I just had a bunch, and at that age, that’s when I bought the first knife that I had ever made.

Then when I went to school, I used to buy them at the school.

And then I made the first one.

Then a couple were going to go to school and the first was made and I bought one of them, and made it myself, and a couple later, and started making a few.

I got to know the people who were making them and they all were really good, and they had a real passion for knives, and were really keen to see what I could do with them.

I think the best way to describe it is, they were like a big family, but we all loved knives, even though it was really difficult to get into making them.

But you learn the craft, and when you’re done with the knife, you’re proud of what you’ve made, and you’re happy with that, and so we had a good time, and everyone liked it.

When you get your first one, you’ll never look back, because you’ll know you made it for yourself, and no one else was going, ‘I think I’m going to buy one.’

The first one was made by myself.

It was my first one that I’d made.

I never saw a knife made by anybody else before that.

I had made a few things that I didn’t like, and maybe one of the other people made one of mine, and some of the people in my family made knives, too, but nobody made the knives that we made.

It’s just something that you’ll have forever.

And it’s very satisfying, because now you have a knife that you really like, that you can carry around and enjoy.

I’ve had a couple in the past.

I bought two more, and two of them are my own knives.

And the second one was my daughter’s knife that she made, which she’s doing, and as she makes them, she puts them in the back of the kitchen, and gives them to her daughter.

That one was hers, so it was one of her own, and because of that, I didn-I had no idea what to do with it, and my daughter

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