How to make a rockstead knife in your kitchen

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A knife made of rock-hard stainless steel and coated in a clear plastic coating has been made from scratch by a British artist.

The metal was found on a knife that had been kept for centuries in a box in the home of a couple who have been caring for it for several years.

The pair, who live in Liverpool, told The Telegraph they thought the knife was old, so they brought it to the local hardware store, where they bought a steel knife and metal drill.

When the couple brought the knife home to their kitchen, they discovered the blade was made of stainless steel, and coated with a clear coating of plastic to prevent corrosion.

“It was a very nice piece of work,” said Mrs Karla, 51, of the knife, which she said was “quite a lot of metal” that could have been used for other purposes.

“We just thought it was neat.”

When the knife went into the shop, the metal coating was stripped off and the metal was painted on.

“They [the couple] didn’t even think to put a little bit of glue on the outside to stop it from cracking,” she said.

The couple are now planning to donate the knife to a local museum.

The metal is made of the same type of stainless alloy used in the knives made by German company Konrad-Werner in Germany.

The company also makes the stainless steel knives that were found on the knife in the box.

But the stainless coating on the blade does not last long in the environment of a kitchen, which is one of the main reasons why rock-steady knives are not suitable for everyday use, said David Tappel, the head of marketing for Konrad Werner, in a statement.

“We have to work with the material, and with the heat, to make it safe and effective for everyday kitchen use,” he said.

“The coating on these knives is not a good choice for everyday cooking.”

In addition, it is not possible to make the knife with a different material such as titanium, which can give off toxic fumes, Mr Tappell added.

“This is the only way that a rock-steely knife can survive, and this is the reason why the stainless material is so toxic,” he added.

“This knife, made from a rock, is still a rock and has no future in the kitchen.”

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