‘This Is Our Moment’: Northwoods knives are back in the spotlight

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“This is our moment.”

That’s what Northwoods, one of the largest manufacturers of folding knives, has been saying since the company released its newest model in March.

“I don’t think we’re going to see the same knife again until we make something new again,” Northwoods CEO Kevin Gentry told me over lunch at his downtown New York office.

That’s the same sentiment Northwoods shares with other knife makers around the world.

Northwoods’s latest knife, the Northwoods XS, is the company’s third major product launch in the past six years.

And the XS is the first to feature a folding blade that doesn’t rely on a proprietary proprietary blade technology.

Northwood is the second-largest maker of folding knife blades, behind only Kawasaki, and it’s poised to become the industry leader in folding knives in the future.

Northroads’ XS model features a 3.5-inch blade that can be folded to form a full-size knife, but the company doesn’t sell the knife that way.

Instead, the X is designed to fold down to form the same blade as a pocketknife.

North Woods also unveiled its new folding knife at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, a product that was meant to help its customers and customers of all sorts.

For the most part, though, I didn’t see the new folding knives at Northwoods’ show.

It was a bit of a mixed bag.

I got to try out the knife at Northwood’s booth at CES, and the XRX was the knife I saw most often, followed closely by the Northwood CX-5.

But Northwoods also showed off a few new products at CES.

The company has been slowly rolling out new products and technologies for the past several years, including its XR-6, the first folding knife to be available for preorder in North America.

And last week, the company unveiled its first new product for the consumer market, a new pocket knife called the North Woods XS Pocket.

But while the Northlands XS was a great demonstration of how a folding knife could be made better, I was most impressed with the Northroads XR.

This knife is a step up from the X-5 and the CX5.

It’s not just a more stylish knife, it’s also lighter, more durable, and has a larger blade.

But this knife is the most important thing to Northwoods for a couple of reasons.

First, Northwoods is not only building a new folding device but a folding system that is both more comfortable and more durable.

Second, Northroads is building a business that’s built on making people feel good about using a folding tool.

I didn the NorthrosXR on the first day of CES, in person.

I’m a pretty big fan of folding.

I used to have a whole bag of folding gear on my desk, but it never felt right to me.

In the past, folding has always felt awkward and awkward.

I’d sit down, pull out my folding knives to start chopping things up, and then my hands would feel like they were being stuck in a vacuum.

In 2015, I started getting better at folding, and after years of training and practicing, I now use my knives to chop my food, get a job done, and even get my kids into the bedroom.

I feel good with my knives.

They’re comfortable and durable.

I don’t get too worked up about them, but I am a bit disappointed when I see a knife that’s really, really bad.

But that’s what’s exciting about the Northways XR, which is that it’s actually a good knife.

The Northwoods brand is built on a belief that people want to feel good when using a knife, and that the best way to achieve that is to make your knife comfortable.

That belief is reflected in the X. While the X was a step down from the NorthosXR, the new XR is still a fantastic knife.

It has a very comfortable, full-tilt, full edge feel, which means it’s very comfortable to use, which helps me get into the mood of cutting.

When I hold the knife in my hand, I can’t help but feel the weight of the blade, the feel of the knife.

But the X also has a little bit of flex, meaning the blade can flex more when I hold it in my palm.

This means that I can get the knife closer to my face, and there’s less of a “tipping” when I start to slide the knife out of my hand.

The XR has a blade that is really comfortable to hold, and when I put it in the pocket it doesn’t feel so awkward.

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves with the X series: I’m not used to the idea of a pocket knife that folds to form an actual knife.

I like a pocket blade that’s just the blade in the

northwoods knives

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