Why is there a knife and stone attack in India?


It is a strange situation: A young girl is brutally raped by a gang of young men who have taken her virginity.

She is taken to a nearby house and gang-raped, but her screams are not heard.

A neighbour’s son, who had heard the screams, takes her to the police station and files a complaint.

A court orders an inquiry and the girl’s case is referred to the high court.

This is India’s version of a child rape case.

And yet the case has been referred to a higher court, where the girl is appealing.

In the case of the 16-year-old girl, who is now 14, India’s Supreme Court is considering whether she should be considered as a victim of rape, and has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

The government, meanwhile, is seeking to change the law, with Justice Amitava Roy saying the girl “has a right to life”.

“What is the purpose of making the girl the object of criminal investigation, when she has a right not to be a victim?” he said in the court filing.

“We need to change our attitude.”

Justice Roy is also challenging the court to consider the girl as a criminal, citing her “unfair” trial.

“The girl has been treated unfairly and violated,” he said.

“She has not been brought before a court, or a jury.

She has been subjected to violence and abuse.”

The case against the girl, however, has been so thoroughly covered by Indian media and the police that she has been forgotten by most Indians, a fact that is unlikely to change any time soon.

In the wake of the attack, the girl has not only faced a barrage of hate, but also has been mocked and humiliated on social media.

“How can a girl not be a human being, to be raped by her family?” asked one Indian Facebook user.

“The girl’s family was being abused.

How can they rape her so often?””

The entire Indian society is being attacked,” said another Facebook user, who goes by the handle of Ganga, and described herself as a “fierce supporter of the girl”.”

I think that there is no way to be an Indian without having sympathy for the girl.

And even if she has had rape, there are so many other things that can be done to protect the girl from harm,” she added.

A report published last month by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, found that almost 1,000 children in India are being raped every year, while over one million are sexually abused.

But a significant minority of cases go unreported.

knives and stones

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